#bbuzz 17: Anti-Spam and Machine learning at LOVOO

Spam is defined as the unauthorized use of a platform to send unsolicited content, usually in the form of advertising, to its user base with the purpose of generating views and revenue. LOVOO is a dating platform with over 50 millions registered users, making it attractive to spammers. Due to the nature of the service (a dating platform) many of the spammers disguise themselves as real users, using believable images and genuine descriptions on their profiles to lure our users into believing they are real people. To achieve the goal of keeping our platform free of spam, LOVOO’s dedicated anti-spam team relies heavily on machine learning and massive real time data processing. So far, we are winning this fight. As seen in our latest Fake and Spam Transparency Report, on a daily basis, only 0.3 percent of the active users are spammers, and on average it takes around 2.2 hours to detect them.

In this presentation our colleague Juan will talk about how the anti-spam platform works, and will present some insights and statistics about our findings.