#bbuzz 17: Anti-Spam and Machine learning at LOVOO

Spam is defined as the unauthorized use of a platform to send unsolicited content, usually in the form of advertising, to its user base with the purpose of generating views and revenue. LOVOO is a dating platform with over 50 millions registered users, making it attractive to spammers. Due to the nature of the service … Continue reading #bbuzz 17: Anti-Spam and Machine learning at LOVOO

Introducing LOVOO Open Space

Sharing knowledge is one of our core values and success factors here at LOVOO. We strive to be very pro-active and serious about it and try to foster that where possible by providing course-fee reimbursements, in-house workshops, the opportunity to participate at conferences, by supporting local meetups, offering a full bi-weekly training day, and more. Inspired by … Continue reading Introducing LOVOO Open Space