4th Transparency Report (Q2 2017)

What has changed since the last anti-spam report? The most important and most influential change in the anti-spam system is a new machine-learning model for spam-detection. It is used by the artificial intelligence (AI) to detect spammers. By improving our model-training and by adding more data to the training phase, the AI became more reliable … Continue reading 4th Transparency Report (Q2 2017)

Third Transparency Report (Q1 2017)

What has been done since the last report? We have released a new AI which features much smaller delay between actions (such as match-votes) and block of spammers. We have started to work on a new spam-detection engine which we call "entity reputation". It is expected to go live in late Q2/2017. This engine allows … Continue reading Third Transparency Report (Q1 2017)